2014 National Championships

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At a recent meeting, the Committee decided that the 2014 National Championships would be held at Stone S C in Essex on the River Blackwater,from Monday 4th August through till Friday 8th.This venue has been used many times before, but it offers excellent sailing for catamarans at all states of the tide with free camping in the Club grounds. This week long event is fully supported with entertainment each day and the club facilities are some of the best on the East coast. Full details regarding the Stone Club can be viewed on their web site www.stonesailingclub.org.uk .Please put these dates in your new diary or planner to reserve this time and compete with other sailors on the same handicap over an eight race series.  Stone SC are currently planning the entertainment, and Bob Dorks has already booked the weather!  Further details will be advised as they become available. In the meantime start checking those boats over the next three months and have them ready for a fast start to the 2014 Season. I wish you and your Families a Happy and Healthy Festive Season. Peter Toft